Monday, June 2, 2008

Earn Money Just For Surfing The Net - NOT A SCAM

You have to try this I made some super quick money. This is my description of how:

CashCrate is a free GPT program, in other words you get paid to complete surveys and participate in free offers.

After I joined CashCrate, I did a few free offers and made over $20 my first hour and a half as a member. It was very easy for me to start racking up the earnings by doing simple 2-3 minute surveys.CashCrate and other GPT programs make their money because companies pay them to have us take surveys and try out products and services.When the companies pay CashCrate they pass 75% of that money back to us so they make money while we make money. That makes their program sustainable.

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CashCrate pays out on a monthly basis via check. Earnings gained in May are paid in Mid-June, while earnings accrued in June are paid in Mid-July.You must have a minimum of $10 in earnings for a month in order for CashCrate to send a check to you. This can easily be met quickly so that should never be a problem.

CashCrate has a special feature called the daily survey. It is a guaranteed survey that you can take every day at get $0.80 each time. That is $24 a month that you can count on. However, this particular feature is available to US residents only.

If you would like to visit and sign up with CashCrate, you may do so here.

You can easily make a couple hundred dollars a month without ever getting a single referral. However, if you do want to get some referrals your earnings can multiply very quickly.The secret of making $1,200 a month or $300 a week is in the CashCrate referral program.

Compared with other GPT programs, CashCrate has the best referral program out there. You are paid for two levels of referrals. The first level being people who signed up right under you and the second level being people who signed up under those you recruited.

As soon as you join, you start at the bronze level. This allows you to earn 20% of what your 1st level referrals earn and 10% of what your second level referrals earn.There is opportunity to increase this up all the way to 30% for first level and 20% for second level. I have not seen this in any other program I have come across.

Pretty much anyone can join CashCrate, but most of the offers are for people in the United States. If you are not in the United States you will mostly have to depend on referrals to really make any good money.Overall, CashCrate is a great internet based idea and has benefited me in many ways. I suggest trying it ASAP!HERE IS MY PROOF OF THIS WORKING!! THE CHECKS I RECIEVED!!!

Check 1 Proof

Check 2 Proof

Check 3 Proof

If you sign up and need any help, I always supply all of my referrals with mentoring in order to help them succeed.

Heres your first TIP: After every survey you take. Clear your cookies from your cache. This helps because alot of the surveys you take are from the same companies!!

Also to help you get started here are some surveys that clear quick:


download THE LIST here

if you wish to contact me- with questions, comments etc respond to this blog or email me at

good luck in your surveys!

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